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Healthy Relationships

Our Curriculum

The lessons are specifically customized for different settings and time frames to meet the need of the students starting as early as 4th grade, through middle school and high school and even college. This structure allows our Prevention Director to customize the topics and timing so these “essentials” can complement the current education priorities for public schools, charter schools, private schools, youth groups, community centers, after school and summer programs, and any existing non-profit youth development programs. This is more than just sex education, because relationships matter. Scare tactics aren't motivating. Real Essentials teaches toward the positive rather than away from the negative. Using this method, individuals are motivated to achieve their best, not to feel their worst. It equips our youth with the skills to confidently tackle difficult relationship issues such as bullying and avoiding risky sexual behaviors with ease. Participants are energized by hands-on, engaging, learn-by-doing experiences, leaving each with memorable moments they can immediately apply in day-to-day life. The content of this evidence-based program is aligned with research and supported by an ongoing partnership with the University of Denver. Activities are taught to each group with developmentally age-appropriate messaging.

REAL Essentials Starting Point 4th-8th grade

A fun and engaging curriculum specially designed to successfully launch children into adolescence. It teaches relationship skills that reduce friendship drama and enhance confidence and social success.

Focus Themes

  • Learning about yourself and others
  • Healthy friendship development
  • Understanding cultural influences
  • Skills for communication and decision making
  • Goal setting for the future
  • Puberty science

REAL Essentials Advance grades 9th-12th

This popular, innovative curriculum is being used across the country to teach high school students critical relationship skills and practical approaches for navigating the social dynamics of friendship and love. Its unique, modular format allows for flexible, individualized use.

  • Learning about yourself and others
  • Navigating differences
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Friendship, dating, and love
  • Understanding cultural influences
  • Planning for the future
  • Commitment
  • Leadership and job readiness
  • Sexual health

REAL Essentials Life 18 years and older

REAL Essentials Life gives individuals tools for mastering healthy relationships as they build their careers and establish their families

  • Self-discovery
  • Skills for communication and decision making
  • Foundations for dating
  • Love and commitment
  • Future vision
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